Teaching your children Spanish is extremely important for them in the long run. Many parents might think it is impossible, especially if they are not bilingual themselves, but this is far from the truth. In this article we will aim to discuss how to teach your children Spanish and why it is important for your child to learn a second language. We will also aim to answer any other frequently asked questions parents who are interested in having a bilingual child might have.

Why is it important for your children to learn a second language?

In today’s world the business world requires business men and women to be bilingual. More companies are doing business overseas and they require their employees to have at least one or two languages that they know fluently. Teaching them a second language can also help them with their developmental skills earlier in life.

Can I teach my children Spanish from home?

Many parents are not able to afford special teachers just for teaching their children a second language. Of course this will help and is probably be the easiest way but you can definitely teach your children Spanish from home. You just need the right tools to guide you.

Do I need to be bilingual to teach my child a second language?

Of course not! With all of the DVDs, books and toys out there, you definitely don’t need to know the language yourself to teach your children. Children are very adept at picking up other languages between the age of one and five. If you want to teach your child second languages just make sure that you start teaching them a second language between these ages and you’re set.

How can I teach my children Spanish?

One of the simplest ways to teach your child a second language is to purchase an instructional DVD. These DVDs are created by professionals who have had years of experience in teaching children second languages. Most DVDs should cover numbers, colors and other miscellaneous phrases they might need. Try to find a DVD which will have English subtitles so that you, as a parent, can learn a bit of the language as well. Most DVDs that focus on teaching a second language to a child cost around £14.99.

Even if you are only teaching your child how to speak Spanish from home, it is possible to succeed greatly and with pride. If you’ve got the right tools, your child can quite easily learn how to speak Spanish while they are still young.