A person I knew was offered a fully paid for college education. This person was enrolled in a significant university where the person could have studied any number of majors and probably gotten a decent job right after graduation. Such were those times for college grads.

The person refused this free education. The consequence? Twenty years later this person still scrambles to pay the bills. Struggles to raise children who are not “deprived” of normal and regular childhoods. You see, this person built their own future. One of the ways the future was constructed for this individual was because the person refused a perfectly good college education.

Of course, a college degree is not for everyone. I realize that a college education today does not guarantee a make-a-living job after graduation from university. I recognize that other circumstances can put an individual in the position of having to battle.

I want you to realize, however, that you build your future. The things you do and say every day now, are the blocks that build your tomorrows. This may be so cliched that you are tempted to just let the whole idea fall out of your consciousness. If you do that, you have placed another brick in the structure of your future – for ill.

Moreover, every thought you entertain constructs the infrastructure of your own future. Please notice I said “every thought you entertain.” Thoughts come unbidden into our consciousness. We cannot help that nor stop that streaming. To entertain a thought is to keep it alive after it has sparked into existence within your mind. Only those thoughts which you harbor will fabricate your future for good or ill.

Your future will be built happy or sad – mostly depending on who you are today. Yes, we have shifted gears, a bit. Much of the above paragraphs are talking about doing or thinking. Here I am talking about being as a framework for your future.

A house is framed-in using wood poles of some dimension. (Steel is now used in some home construction today as the framing material.) Though I am still using words that refer to things – “framing-in materials” – I hope you will make the leap with me from things to being. Who you are now in terms of being someone, builds your future just as surely as deeds and thoughts.

What am I talking about? Well, let’s take the concept of compassion as one component of your being. As you have compassion for those people and animals around you, even compassion for the environment in which you live, so you sow the seeds of compassion coming toward you in your future. Compassion constructs a future of compassion for you.